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Ilana Limoni

About Ilana Limoni

Ilana Limoni was born in the land of Israel in 1937 and immigrated to the United States in 1965. Needlpointing started as a hobby when she was in her 20s and eventually became a lifetime passion.  Ilana is self-taught in her craft.  She has completed approximately 300 pieces (since she has gifted several of them, the exact tally is unknown). Her work reflects a variety of themes, including biblical, medieval, Asian and nature; plus several of her works are homages to famous paintings.  Her canvases range in dimension and size of stitch, with miniatures involving 1600 stitches per square inch, to large wall hangings that are over seven feet (well over two meters) in height and incorporate millions of stitches. 


When Ilana was in her 50s, she followed her affinity for biblical studies and enrolled in The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, receiving a master’s degree with the highest honors and completing all course requirements in their PhD program.  This educational background influenced Ilana to create some of her grandest masterpieces. Her biblical theme work oftentimes intertwines imagery with text.  This website is devoted to showcasing her Judaica themed collections (22 works): the Five Scrolls Collection  (11); Biblical Scenes Collection (6); and General Judaica Collection (5). 


At the core of most needlework is an illustration painted on a canvas. Ilana has worked with the same artist (Lindy Tilp) for over 40 years.  Although both women have collaborated on many of the pictorial designs, the concepts, research, adaptation of texts and all the intricate work involved in the execution of the needlepoints is Ilana’s, with meaningful input from her supportive husband Uri, until his passing in 2010.  


There is a range in the type of material Ilana utilizes, but cotton, silk, wool and metallic fibers are preferred.  Depending on the size and type of canvas, it takes Ilana anywhere from a few weeks to over a year to complete.


After decades of resisting to display her work outside of her family’s homes, Ilana now recognizes the importance of publically showcasing some of her creations.  For more information on Ilana’s needlepoints, you can contact us by email or by filling out the form below.

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