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The “Five Scrolls” (Hamesh Megillot) are in “Writings” (Ketuvim), which is the third major section of the Bible (Tanakh).  Esther (Megillat Esther) is the fifth scroll of the five biblical scrolls.  Esther has ten chapters and Ilana split the text (even within chapters) so that there would be three panels of approximately the same length as prior scroll panels.


Ilana has always had a deep appreciation for the Bible as literature. To this end, she aspired to needlepoint all of the five biblical scrolls.  After a fourteen year hiatus from this project, Ilana was reinvigorated to accomplish her goal of completing the collection.

Click on a panel below to enlarge, as well as for full details on each piece.

Book of Esther, panel 1
Book of Esther, panel 2
Book of Esther, panel 3
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