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Song of Songs

The “Five Scrolls” (Hamesh Megillot) are in “Writings” (Ketuvim), which is the third major section of the Bible (Tanakh).  Song of Songs (Shir Hashirim) is the first scroll of the five biblical scrolls.  There are eight chapters and Ilana put four in each of the two panels.  These needlepoints show a compilation of romanticized and pastoral scenes based on the applicable text.


Both Song of Songs panels were made soon after Ilana finished seven years studying at The Jewish Theological Seminary of America.  In gratitude to her husband Uri for encouraging and enabling her to advance her education later in life, she selected this scroll because it is about love.

Click on a panel below to enlarge, as well as for full details on each piece.

Song of Songs: Chapters 1-4
Song of Songs: Chapters 5-8
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